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Here at the North Brewery, we pride ourselves on having unique beer. We love trying things that nobody else (or very few others) are trying. We're constantly experimenting with our beer, pushing the limits of what we can do with a bag of grain and a handful of hops. As a result of this, we're brewing dozens of different kinds of beer every year. For our customers, this means that you'll be able to come down and try something that you've probably never had before, just about every week.

Luckily, some of the crazy things we try actually come out pretty good, and we want to brew them again. And sometimes, when the stars align and Kyle gets a good night's sleep, we wind up finding a beer that we want to brew all the time. This means that you can come down and have some of your favorites again and again. Here you can see some of our flagship beers, which are available year-round, our seasonals-which we brew for a month or two out of the year, and some of the beers that we sell in bottles from time to time.



The following 10 beers are brewed regularly year-round. We try to keep at least one of these on tap at all times. These are some of our personal favorites, and they best exemplify the quality we strive for every time we brew. We hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do!


This stout has been the backbone of our brewery from the beginning. Measuring 7.8 percent ABV, this ale is full bodied and rich. We name it for our three-headed monster comprised of chocolate malt, oatmeal, and lactose. It is proof of our commitment to dark ales.

American Dream

What is more American than putting your face into an explosion of citrusy hops? Quite a few things, but this 7.0 percent ABV India pale ale is ripe with hoppy goodness. It manifestation of American hop growers, yeast ranchers, barley growers, water suppliers, and two brewers. Enjoy.


Compliments of New Zealand soil, the intimate aroma is due to a generous dry hop. Notes of grape, pine, and tropical fruit fill the glass. A regular at the brewery, this India pale ale is 6.0 percent ABV.

Beer of the Dead

Please share this ale with friends. It is a medium-body brown ale measuring 6 percent ABV. Pleasant bready and roasted malts compliment a floral and grapefruit-like dry hop character.

Black Donald

Our mainstay porter and 6.5 percent ABV. Balanced caramel, chocolate and roasted notes round out this medium-full bodied ale. An original from Zach’s father Eric, it holds up against the test of time.

Inspirational Beer Breakfast

Legend has it, Leonardo da Vinci drank this for breakfast the day that he carved the Sistine Chapel out of pure gold. What will it inspire you to create?

7 AM Coffee Stout

The evolving coffee stout. What began as a foray into coffee sampling has become an obsession of the palate. While the full body and 7 percent ABV remains the same, the type of coffee does not. Expect us to keep testing out exotic coffees from every corner of the globe.


We enjoy our coffee maple stout with a side of flapjacks and bacon. Into the fermenter we add a bountiful amount of Ethiopian coffee and maple. Full bodied, this beer comes in at 8 percent ABV.

Double Ds

A lovely gift for your spouse. This voluptuous milk stout is dosed with American and European malts accentuating the lush mouthfeel. This bear of a milk stout comes in at 7.6 percent ABV. What better way to cap off the night than some Double D’s?

Skater Hop

The new hop on the block pours a pale yellow color releasing a bouquet of resin, citrus, and mint. Dry-hopped with American and New Zealand varietals at 5.5 percent ABV, this pale ale quenches.


These beers are brewed throughout the year for a month or two. Most of them have some relevance to the season (for example, our pumpkin ale is available during the fall, when pumpkins are harvested), but some of them just taste better during a certain few months. When you see these go on tap, get them while you can, because once they're gone, you'll have to wait until we brew it again the next year!


Saarbear's Muffintop

The leaves are turning green, the snow is melting, and you're breaking out socks and sandals. This blueberry muffin brown ale is the perfect way to celebrate spring.


Americana Blanc

Tasty, refreshing, and 100% domestic. USA! USA! USA!

The Mexican

He rode in on a burro, six-shooters in his belt, and jalapeno on his lips. He stole your heart with his smooth talk, and devilish good looks, then rode off into the sunset without even an "Adios!"


7AM Coffee Stout with Pumpkin

The only thing better than coffee is pumpkin coffee. Put this on your cereal and you won't regret it.

The Slice

Rumor has it we put whole pumpkin pies in this ale, whipped cream and all. The question is, where does the graham cracker crust go?


French Kiss

Truth is, nothing feels better than waking up in the early afternoon on a day off. We put that feeling in the fermentor, and then added maple syrup.


Curl up with a growler of this on a cold winter night, and it might just warm you up. It's spelled like that because Zach doesn't know how to use a dictionary.

Behemoth : Winter

This stout is big. Big in flavor, and big in alcohol. If you forget your jacket, drink some of this and you'll warm right up.